Our Story

Senny Powell distinctly remembers conversations with her father about one day running a children’s department store. What began as a mom and pop business has grown into a 3,400 square foot specialty store business filled with kid’s clothes and items up to children’s size 14.

For a boutique that is steeped in rich family heritage, its conception actually began when the Powells were unable to have children and Senny began making baby quilts as gifts. The couple found the demand so positive that the Chicago school teachers began a cottage industry in the Windy City area and spent weekends selling their goods at craft fairs. When they moved to Hilton Head Island in the early ’80’s, they bought an existing shop – the Snappy Turtle- and a year later opened Island Child. Today the shop includes all the needs and delights of childhood- from bedding and furniture to dolls, books, and games.

But the real story isn’t about its growth or the three generation involvement. It’s about family. Just as her father was involved in the store, the Powells have included their children every step of the way in their family business. Whether it’s one of the older children ringing up a customer or having a family picnic dinner or camp out at the store to rearrange window displays, everyone pitches in. The Powells have seven adopted children, four girls and three boys, and have fostered seven children. They see Island Child as an extension of their own family and delight in every chance to make childhood a bit more magical for their customers.

The Powells see their customers as extended family, Service is the name of the game.

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